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Broadband Speed test    Spyware Scanner

AT&T DSL Initial Account Setup without using their disc:
1. Open up your web browser (I recommend not using Firefox as it seems to have problems with some of ATTs crappy forms) and type to get to the modem config.
2. Use the following temporary username and password to get a connection: username: “” password “sbcyahooreg”.
3.  To get your own login, go to or and go through the signup process.
4.  Repeat step #1-2 with your new login details.
5.  Run a speed test over at Broad band Reports to be sure you’re getting all the speed you paid for.

This way you dont have to install the junk software that they send you on the cd!!!

Fiber Optic Infmation:  
Corning Unicam Guide   Corning FBC-001 Cleaver